Window Framing Screw

Dec 9, 2020

Why Use a Masonry Torx Screw?


We know that conventioal concrete bolts and other mechanical anchors exist for fixing into concrete without the need for any adhesive. And they hold pretty significant loads. But what about more light duty applications where fasteners need to be less obtrusive? For example, when fixing window frames into concrete, brick or masonry substrates, you need decent holding power and the ability to have moving parts such as sliding window panes move freely over the fastener. This is where masonry screws come into existence. With a masonry torx screw, you can directly and quickly secure aluminium extrusions, uPVC windows, timber frames, metal brackets, hinges and light duty metal plating to masonry or concrete. A secure hold is enabled by coarse “hi-lo” cutting threads—a combination of a 6mm shaft diameter and a 7.5mm thread width—that can withstand the force of embedment without any damage.  


If you use a more generic type of fastener for these applications, you may find that it will securely fix itself into the substrate, but not grip well to the material being fixed. But with the undercut head featuring extruded ribs underneath, the head itself grips very firmly with the material’s pre-drilled countersunk hole. This feature provides a single solution and replaces traditional fixings as they tap directly into brick without plugs or nylon anchors, and they are suitable for edge application. A six-lobe star-shaped driver bit fits perfectly into this part of the head and will withstand greater torque transfer than a pozi or philips head before any camming or stripping occurs. Unlike mechanical anchors need space in the substrate to expand and grip without cracking the masonry, masonry torx screws—due to the narrow shaft width and coarse thread—allow for fixing close to the edge of a window frame or any other narrow strip of masonry.


MultiCon® fasteners are the versatile solution for concrete, brick or hollow block to attach electrical boxes and clips; wood headers, plywood, or furring strips; exterior insulation systems and more. The MultiCon® masonry screw from Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. offers optimal performance for framing assembly and are available in a wide range of lengths to suit any application. No plugs required just drill a 6.2mm hole with a masonary drill and screw in with a Torx drive 7.5mm Diameter x 42mm up to 300mm Long. Cold formed fasteners treated with carburized heat treatment and high quality galvanizing all work together to provide excellent mechanical and resistance. All products are manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure consistent, trouble-free installation and in-place performance.

Product Features:

-Cylinder Head with Undercut / Other Head available On Request
-Multiple Threads for Easy Driving Thread
-Screws Direct into Masonry, No Plug Required Deeper Recess for Stronger Bit Hold
-Fast Time Saving Application