High quality and process reliability are guaranteed by our qualified staff and a laboratory equipped with the latest analytical and measuring systems. The full-time inspections of skilled and experienced staff oversee the company’s carefully control process and industry standards.

Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. possesses full-featured equipments for integrated testings and all of such data declared on the technical reports provides customers having better guidance to the proper usage of the screw. Besides, all important products feature the CE certificates accompanied with official DoP enabling a product to be legally placed on the market in any member state of the European Countries.



As in all other cold-forged mechanical elements, the actual value of the dimension on manufactured parts are not exactly identical to the pertinent design values. Such deviations may be acceptable within the tolerance limits or exceed the applicable tolerances. Screws with out-of-tolerance dimensions are considered defective products as the precise dimensions and surface roughness of the fastener can be vital to their ability to function properly. Many dimensions could be required such as diameters, angles, heights and radius.

Some characteristics are very critical for any device or structure being used inside the assembly, but sometimes such parameters of the fasteners could be extracted with difficulty. As each inspection of the different objectives that should be determined through the appropriate measuring method or process, Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. devotes significant resources not only in conventional techniques such as dial caliper or projector but also in the cutting edge instruments to determine the value precisely.


Conventional structural members such as dowel type screw used for load-bearing fixation in the building industry continue to rely on the product with CE approval or other associated certification. When not intended in the design these structural members can fail prematurely when subjected to stresses. Therefore, to be recognized as a harmonized screw product used in timber connections, it should take into consideration of manufacturing, quality and technical aspect. While screws provide solid resistance against axial loading and/or shear force, their design suffers from several limitations, as the mechanical properties can be taken as indicators whether to resist the external stresses adequately.

Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. possesses full-featured equipments for integrated tests and all of such data declared on the DoP provides customers having better guidance to the proper usage of the screw. Besides, all important products from Multiform Fasteners CO., Ltd. feature the familiar CE approval enabling a product to be legally placed on the market in any member state of the European Countries.


Heat treatment is the microstructure change of steel by heating and cooling within a certain time to obtain the required properties. Since the mechanical and chemical properties of screws are strongly correlated with its microstructures and phase relationships, to determine the appropriate heat treatment method is very crucial.

Generally the screw products are manufactured from mild steel, we utilize a case hardening process ( Carburizing ) for them because the hardenability of mild steels are not obvious due to the low carbon content. By involving diffused carbon or/and nitrogen atoms into the outer layer of the steel in a high temperature environment then quenching the now chemically-altered surface layer the mild steel can achieve the desired hardness with improved wear resistance and fatigue strength.


Fastener, as a widely utilized connection hardware in various industries, is often subjected to complex mechanical and corrosive stress, for example, application in buildings exposed to rusty atmosphere or in the workpiece treated with chemical preservatives ( CCA and ACQ ). Corrosion reaction is influenced by many factors such as dissimilar metals, moisture, and environmental chemicals. Therefore, the lifetime of fasteners could be influenced significantly by the application fields from situation to situation. However, the corrosion mechanism of fasteners are in the same basic electrochemical manner.

The general way to protect the base material, carbon steel, is having a barrier layer of zinc as sacrificial anode. Furthermore, a chromate conversion coating was employed on the zinc layer to improve the resistance of the fasteners, but the hexavalent chromium is not RoHS compliant anymore. Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. can provide customers with complete solutions of surface treatment and control the quality assuredly through detailed detecting instruments.


Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. can provide an integrated packaging solutions, this means that we provide diversification of packing not just merely sell products within. Whether packaging fasteners separately or several sizes in combination, we guarantee a customized packaging solution to each of our clients.

A box, a bag, or a metal rack may prove the most cost-effective solution. Our competitive advantage is our ability to match our client’s application with the right solution. Our supply base is an integral part of our business model thus allowing us to provide a broader selection of both expendable and returnable packaging solutions.


A good engineered design depends on correct technical trade-offs, product innovation, and a deep commitments to developing a functionality and aesthetically appealing product that delights and satisfies the customer.

With fastener innovation increasingly being driven by the progressive industry, our product development is becoming a more collaborative effort. Instead of conducting the manufacturing of new fastener by trial and error which neglects the potential failure within the application areas and wastes huge developing resource, we consider the comprehensive approach from the essential property of material to the proper practice guideline by means of the disciplined design process. By doing so, we provide our exclusive customers the high end products and maintain the competence in the best possible light to different target end-users.


We provide our integrated packaging solutions to numerous customers throughout various kinds of materials including cardbord, plastic and metal. Our packaging service has helped to bridge the gap between the customer and the supplier and has thus become an integral part of our customers' support function. 

Whether packaging a single product or managing an entire packaging program, Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. guarantees a customized packaging solution to each of our clients.