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With over 25 years experience in the Fastener Industry we can provide you with much more than a fastener. A brief consultation will allow us to share new innovative ideas and create solutions to serve your need.

The well-experienced manufacturing technique together with solid engineering and expertise support Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. to create a truly adequate product that opens the eyes to new possibilities in exploring the limit for fastening. Nothing remains to the users but to enhance the usability and UE, our products do provide decades of fastening easiness with an authentic feel.

Each customer will experience the Quality, Value and Reliability behind our service and products. We persevere our business philosophy to make products with design originality and create the essence that can last persistence and be inherited.
The Profound Backstory of Multiform Fasteners - Part A

Surely, in 1980s, it was the era in which screws still served as rather just an ordinary assembly part on the markets. Companies in the industry barely tried to think about the concept of developing so as to bring out added advantage for the products. Our president Mr. Denver Hsu has recognized early that the majority of fastener market was mainly for standard products and would be evolved into functional oriented in the future.

In 1995, Multiform unveiled the first design-pioneered product, Jetting® Screw, which was highly praised and appreciated by the market. Our anticipation could be seen from the denomination of the product, Jetting, which interprets the fastening process can be accelerated and driven powerfully like a jet flight. From then on, the prospering response was the foundation for the growing success of Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd..
The Profound Backstory of Multiform Fasteners - Part B

Since then, Mr. Denver Hsu started setting foot on developing an unprecedented screw for wood application and finally got acquisition of the invention patent through protracted and unremitting effort. The whole design notion can be revealed in a single detail- the barrel rifling, the machined spiral grooves improve the bullet stability and accuracy, which enlightened Mr. Denver Hsu on implementing spiral threaded portion to supply the additional function.

The later on adaptive modification on the auxiliary thread profile enwound the shank portion sheds light on its outstanding performance and represent the core characteristic of our products. Till this day, Jetting® Screw is still exported globally and earns good reputation from our exclusive customers. We are truly appreciated the long-term support and persist the loyalty to our customers.



Long-term market success requires that the product be advanced to the competition with respect to all critical attributes such as functionality and performance, cost and quality. The considerable insight into the market requirement and being committed to developing competitive inventions constitute our design decisions that leads to superiority.

A good engineered designs depend on correct technical trade-offs, product innovations, and a deep commitments to developing a functionality and aesthetically appealing product that delights and satisfies the customer.

Our top 3 patent series, Jetting®, HyperDriller and Rotation are exported globally and earned good reputation from our exclusive customers as we persevere our business philosophy to make products with design originality and create the essence that can last persistence and be inherited.
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