DIN 571 v.s.ThunderLag

Jul 26, 2021

DIN 571 coach screws are heavy duty wood screws usually used for holding together heavy timber, fixing metal to timber and in some cases masonry or concrete.  All coach screws require a pilot hole, using a general purpose drill bit, before they are screwed into place, preventing the wood from splitting. A core hole must be pre-drilled depending on the diameter and type of wood (hardwood). You will need to use a wood drill bit to drill the pilot hole but it takes so much time for the preparation.

Now it comes with the soultion. By simply exerting a rotating torque and proper force on Jetting® ThunderLag where early DIN 571 screws was limited to penetrate easily into the engineered wooden beams without pre-drillings, the whole installation can be completed in one step. The intensified Jetting® Threads and Shank Cutter are respectively settled to reach for exact, quick drilling and facilitate the insertion progress that can counteract the effect of suppressive stress and mitigate the frictional resistance by its unique mechanism. A built-on round washer head with serrations beneath provides a secure grip force and a professional finish.