Inspection Technique

Dec 8, 2020

Optical Sorting Service

Increasing the reliability and quality of the products and services is a must for our company. Those that work to short delivery times and high levels of distribution need to rely on machinery that will meet the demands of their customers’ while optimising efficiency to remain competitive. Automated sorting systems play an integral part in ensuring goods and products across a range of industries are organised and distributed correctly.

Screw production can be splitted into at least 5 progresses, each of which may constitute portions of failure due to several reasons such as tooling wear-off, inappropriate temerature, setting...etc. The incorrect products will lead to potential risk and cause unexpected expense to replace. In order to reach requirements on automatic assembly and zero mix part, Multiform Fasteners Co., Ltd. invests resource on purchasing screw automatic optical sorting machines. The automatic optical sorting can provide dimension examination on head diameter, Head Height, Thread Diameter, Length and other important dimensions. 


• Sorting Size: M3 ~M6mm
• Length: 15mm~150mm
• Speed : 500~800pcs/min